Light the Fire

Revolution Inferno, Book One

A Reverse Harem Dystopian Romance

Scorched earth will be the least of their problems when she’s through with them.

My entire life has been spent in a cage.

I’m the only one of my kind. A triple threat.

They keep me locked away, drawing my unique blood to transfuse into others so they may possess my skills.

I’m too valuable to be set free or used as the assassin I’ve trained as since I was three.

I am not a vessel.

I am not simply a bag of blood.

I am a human being—female—and we are dying out.

But I will fight until my last breath for the freedom I finally grasp.

And those who betray me will wish they were never created.

I am Haina, a triple threat Hellcat, the Angel of Death, and I will build my army, and together we will light the fire of revolution and rise from the ashes to start a fair and just new world ruled by the most compassionate, the most honest, and the most powerful: women.